Retail Therapy Blog

Welcome subscribers and visitors of White Flag to our blog, “Retail Therapy”! This is our first blog post of many posts to come. We first want to thank you for shopping with us, as we strive to provide a luxurious, power feel, at a modest demand. We aim to provide you with an experience on our website and not just an exchange of goods and services, as we at White Flag are one big happy family.

Our first blog post of course is focused on the name of our blog, “Retail Therapy.” Most of our blog topics will have a touch of mental health tips with a realistic perspective on how to approach life. At face value, many believe that this is a negative way of coping. I’m here to say otherwise. In other words, “Treat yourself.” 

We work majorities of our life paying bills, saving for a rainy day, and sometimes, doing everything but doing something for ourselves. Not just with buying clothes but with anything in life, show gratitude and self-love to yourself. We work too damn hard to not buy that top we want, those shoes that we’ve been eying for months, that stock that you’ve been reading about, that restaurant you’ve been dying to go to, or even that gratitude journal that has been sitting in your target cart. I’m not saying to forget your bills or neglect your responsibilities. We are more deserving of things than we allow ourselves to be.

Believe it or not, in moderation, retail therapy and treating yourself in moderation has it’s benefits. It’s like a proven reminder and essential, as if a plant needs water. Just like that plant, you deserve to provide yourself with essentials and the joys of your heart as you journey throughout life. As you nurture and pamper yourself, your self-esteem and confidence builds. You begin to grow and learn more things about yourself. You live life not more so on the edge but rather riding with the windows down feeling the breeze. You are your best investment. Investing self-love, patience, and being thankful for the small victories in life will boost both your mental health and overall health. The more you invest in yourself and achieve those things, the harder you’ll work, as you know how it feels to continue to reward yourself. The most important piece of this is the belief that you are worthy of life’s beauty, both inner and outer. Allow yourself to feel the breeze, get wet in the rain, and most importantly, buy that White Flag Piece your heart desires!