The mind is an art. It is our goal to help paint what we are thinking, as manifestation, and the power of the tongue is real. Happy Black History Month everyone. As we continue to deal with finding a new normal after enduring COVID and all the other stressors our life has given, it is important that we do not lose hope and pick up patterns of negative thinking and negative actions. It is so easy for our minds to wonder and go places that it should not. Our thoughts affect our energy, our movements, and everything else.

Today, I want to give you all several Affirmations we have chosen from White Flag that we think will empower all of our guests and help us remember that we are powerful, we beautiful, and worthy of love and all of the possibilities our mind possesses.

Affirmations are powerful, unique statements that help translate our thoughts into words and not only provide us reassurance, but make dreams and fairytales a reality. Sometimes, when we are dealing with negative thoughts, low self-esteem, depression, or may be just in a funk, it is not always actually true. Think of affirmations like exercise and possibly rewiring your thoughts. They increase good hormones in our body and push ourselves to form new, positive thoughts, which further influence the interactions of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.


 I have to be harsh on myself and critical. It is the only way I can get anything accomplished.

This will not look good on me.

This goal is too hard. I will never be successful at anything.

No one cares about me.

I should be more beautiful and attractive.

These negative thoughts can manifest into so many externalized and internalized behaviors that lead to further problems.

You have the power to change your thinking. You can perceive the world in a better way and reconstruct those thoughts with Affirmations. Affirm that

I am beautiful, I have what it takes to grow and I can’t do that without believing in myself, I am moving on to better things, My time is coming, etc. The art of affirming things influences the energies of the universe and the attraction of blessings and the things we desire. If it exists in our world, it is obtainable and can happen. Believe it!

So today, I want to leave you with nine affirmations to focus on for the next few weeks and if you do, please let us know at White Flag how it has helped or affect you.

  1. Today, I choose happiness and to let go of everything that is holding me down
  2. I am deserving of love and positive energy on my best day and my worst days
  3. I accept that not everyone will like me and that is okay.
  4. I do not have to apologize for how I feel. My feelings matter.
  5. The past is done and the present is in my control. My focus is only on today.
  6. I will reach all of my goals I have set. I will be patient with myself.
  7. I forgive myself.
  8. I will make room for all of the exciting things coming into my life.
  9. My challenges are opportunities for growth!
  10. Bonus: I will buy a piece from White Flag and I will serve every look possible!

Feel free to share these affirmations with friends or families everyone.